Hazelnut White Chocolate Protein Spread - Beige

Muscle Chef

R 129.99
Everybody was producing different type of protein spread but nobody was dreaming something different EXCEPT US!

There are really strong and tasty couples needed to come together and we brought them together. If you really wondering about these couples you definetly need to meet with Muscle Cheff Protein Spreads; Coconut&Peanut, White Chocolate&Peanut, White Chocolate&Hazelnut, Chocolate&Hazelnut, Chocolate&Peanut. Imagine all these be served to you with high protein, low sugar and amazing test.

Whey Protein, Peanut, Vegetable Oil, Skim Milk Powder, Sugar, Lecithin(sunflower), Vanillia flavouring
There is no lard in any of our products and addivites. Doesn’t contain trans fat, preservative, artificial and gluten. Please store in a cool & dry place. Allergen warnings are in bold. Contains peanut, milk and milk products.

Brand: Muscle Chef
Colour: Beige
Item Code: MS019106/Muscle Chef Spreads